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January 14: Planting day: stage two of Llandovery community orchard. Perllan gymunedol gyhoeddus Llanymddyfri, ‘Perllan Tywi’

Map of where the Llandovery community orchard is

Transition Tywi and Llandovery College invite you to join us for our second tree planting morning on January 14  as the second stage of a public community orchard, ‘Perllan Tywi’. In a few years they will be producing fruit for everyone. Come and watch or get involved, with the whole family! Bring spades and mattocks if you have them, packed lunch and a drink, and any food to share. You will be warmly welcomed.

Dydd Sul 14 Ionawr, 10:30–13:00, ger y llwybr cyhoeddus rhwng Rhodfa Tywi a chaeau chwarae Coleg Llanymddyfri. mae Trawsnewid Tywi a Choleg Llanymddyfri yn eich gwahodd i ymuno â ni ar gyfer bore plannu coed fel cam ail perllan gymunedol gyhoeddus sef, ‘Perllan Tywi’.  Mewn ychydig o flynyddoedd byddant yn tyfu ffrwythau i bawb. Dewch i wylio neu cyfranogwch, gyda’r teulu cyfan! Dewch â rhawiau a matogau os oes gennych rai, pecyn cinio a diod, ac unrhyw fwyd i’w rannu. Bydd croeso cynnes i chi.

Next steering group meeting

Will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday January 9th 2018, venue to be confirmed. All welcome. Croeso i  bawb. Do come and get involved! We want people for another potential community orchard project in Llandeilo and suggestions for further activities.

Steering group

We welcome suggestions for new activities and events, especially if you are willing to organise them.

Don’t forget to check our Downloads page for the latest minutes to follow what we’re planning in the future and see if you can help out!

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