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Clearing brash for Hugel bed by house and field

The Permaculture Group has been very busy making a Hugel Bed! And their next meeting is at John and Steve’s on November 6th.
Contact Sue on 07780 544470 for more info.

Warm up for Winter with our clothes etc. swap shop!

Swishing event 2015
Often, people can’t believe it when they come to a swapshop. They don’t even have to bring anything (but it’s nice if they do) and yet can take away anything they want to – without paying.
Saturday Oct 29th, 10 –12, YMCA, 19 Market Square, Llandovery.
Bring good quality clothes and accessories you no longer wear or use and swap them with someone else’s pre loved treasures. No jumble please! A chance to share and swap clothes, jewellery, scarfs, bags and shoes that maybe no longer fit or suit you with something else that you do like. There will also be a stall for CDs, DVDs and games.
Entry fee: £1. Tea, coffee, cakes.

Dillad newydd ar gyfer y Gaeaf

Dewch a hen dillad ansawdd ac atelion i gyfnewid efo trysorau ail
law rhuwyn arall. Dim ‘jumble’ os gwelwch yn dda!
Dyma siawns i chi rhannu ac i gyfnewid dillad, gemwaith, sgarffiau, bagiau ac esgidiau sydd efallai ddim yn ffitio’n iawn efo rhuwbeth arall yr ydych yn hoffi. Fe bydd hefyd stondin ar gyfer cryno-ddisgiau, DVDs a gemau.
Tâl mynediad: £1. Tê,coffi a Gacennau. Wedi ei drefnu gan Trawsnewid Tywi.
Hydref 29fed 10ym-12, YMCA, Ty Gerwyn, 19 Sgwâr y Farchnad, Llanymddyfri SA20 0AB

What can Cuba teach us about farming?

Pat Dodd RacherNovember 15: An open session led by Transition Tywi member Pat Dodd Racher, writer of an e-book called ‘Cuban Postcards: Faded Brilliance of Yesterday’s Dream’. 7.30pm. Upstairs at The Angel in Rhosmaen Street, Llandeilo. Cost: donations.

Why should Transition Tywi, a group promoting local sustainable lifestyles, be concerned about Cuba?

The answer is in the soil – agriculture. The end of support from the Soviet Union, and of Soviet purchases of Cuban sugar, meant that Cubans had to aim at food self-sufficiency, and produce all their food without purchased fertilisers or pesticides, because there was no money to buy them. Cuba set up networks of organic urban farms, which continue to be important sources of food.

Transition Tywi member Pat Dodd Racher, writer of an e-book called ‘Cuban Postcards: Faded Brilliance of Yesterday’s Dream’, will give an informal presentation and discuss what we can learn from this fascinating Caribbean country.

Cuba’s dogged retention of socialism has not created an ideal society. The deficiencies, though, often originate outside the country, in the USA’s (now lifted) trade blockade, in ostracism by the global finance, and in tourism, which has created a new affluent class.

Fidel Castro didn’t want tourism, but the Soviet Union bankrolled the county, and when the Soviet Union collapsed, the money tap shut off. Tourism was Castro’s emergency response, and it changed Cuban society dramatically.

Is this changing its attitude to feeding itself the land? Come along to find out more. Cost: donations.

Film show: The Rebel Farmer

Sepp Holzer

December 2: Film show: three short films about the Rebel Farmer, Sepp Holzer: Farming With Nature, Aquaculture, and Terraces and Raised Beds, at The Vestry, Capel Newydd, Crescent Road, Llandeilo. 7.00 to 9.00. Doors open 6.30pm. Cost: £4 or £3.50 concessions.

Several local farmers have said to us that they are concerned about the change in weather patterns, the unpredictability of the weather in recent years. With our climate changing, this is going to become more severe in the future, with the additional problem of more exteme weather events. Farmers are wondring how to adapt to these changing conditions.

Pert of the answer may be to diversify, and to embrace different approaches to farming. With thisn in mind, on 2nd December Transition Tywi is showing three films about the man known as the Rebel Farmer.

He earned this name because he persisted – despite being fined and even threatened with prison – in continuing with certain practices that were not permitted in his part of the world at the time. These practices (and more) have since gone on to become widely accepted as being better adapted to the local climate and more productive.

These practices included, believe it or not, not pruning his fruit trees. Yet in Austria where he lives, unpruned fruit trees survive snow loads that will break pruned trees.

“Agro-Rebel” Sepp Holzer claims that he gets his methods simply by observing nature and working with it successfully. As a result he has built one of the biggest functioning permaculture farms in Europe.

Holzer has created some of the world’s best examples of using ponds to capture the sun’s heat, and of creating microclimates using rock outcrops to protect nearby plants from harsh weather conditions.

His own farm spans over 45 hectares of forest gardens, including 70 ponds, and is said to be the most consistent example of permaculture, or agroecology, anywhere, and he teaches widely.

The three short films are called Farming With Nature, Aquaculture, and Terraces and Raised Beds.

The films will be shown at The Vestry, Capel Newydd, Crescent Road, Llandeilo on Friday, 2nd December from 7.00 to 9.00. Doors open 6.30pm. There will be an opportunity for discussion with members of Transition Tywi’s own permaculture group, with the chance for new members to join. Cost: £4 or £3.50 concessions.

We’re seeking new members!

Care for the environment and people? Live in the Tywi valley?  Join us!

This group as a whole contains active working groups (see links above), but the steering group actively needs new members to organise events. If there’s something you would like to see happening in the area, or if there are films and swap shops you would like to organise, please join us by coming to our meetings for contacting one of the people below. You will make new friends!

Permaculture news

loading compost into raised beds

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