About us

Transition Tywi Trawsnewid (Trawsnewid is Welsh for Transition) is emerging from what was Transition Town Llandeilo, the first Transition Town in Wales – begun in Spring 2007.

The Tywi Valley is in Carmarthenshire, and covers an area from the Cambrian Mountains and the Brecon Beacons National Park in the east, to the estuary in Carmarthen Bay, containing many areas of conservation and environmental value. We include members in the three largest towns of the shire: Llanelli, Carmarthen and Ammanford, also Llandovery.

We are part of a network of communities across the UK and Ireland responding locally to the challenges presented by Climate Change and  the need to build local resilience and sustainability.

Sustainable jobs and housing that prevent young people leaving the area and attract a skilled population are essential for the survival of rural areas like Llandeilo.

As a small, community scale, grassroots organisation we engage in constructive activities to broaden awareness of the issues and encourage everyone to get involved in something.

As individuals, it’s all too easy to feel helpless in the face of global problems, and on our own we can’t have much impact on them.

By working with others locally, we can support each other, empower ourselves and get things done. We can seek local solutions. We can experiment and try out new sustainable approaches…local food, local energy, local industry. We won’t always know the answers but we can have fun looking for them.

The steering group usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month. These meetings are open to the public and are held on altr=ernate months in Llandeilo and Llandovery.

Our special interests are in transport, renewable energy, local food and farming, education and permaculture.

The allotments group, Cymdeithas y Dalar, is closely affiliated to us. Cymdeithas y Dalar now has its own website at http://www.cymdeithasydalar.org/.

We show films related to Climate Change, held a skills sharing day, Election  hustings and a number of social events. We have active links to a wider movement in Wales and the UK.

The website of Transition Tywi Trawsnewid, Carmarthenshire, Wales