Energy-saving advice

Links to articles about saving energy in buildings, and using renewable energy

What is the Green Deal?

Free advice on this almost-free way of making your home cosier and increasing its value.

There are cheaper deals than the Green Deal

While the Green Deal offers a loan of 7%, you can get a 0% loan for home energy efficiency from the Co-operative Bank. >> Read more.

Is draught-proofing for airtightness a good thing?

Draught-proofing gives you quick wins for energy and cost saving. But with up to half of all heat loss in buildings being potentially due to uncontrolled ventilation and wind, you need to learn about extreme draughtproofing!

Should I be insulating a solid wall internally or externally?

Thinking about insulating a solid wall? The pros and cons of internal or external wall insulation and some of the potential problems encountered when insulating a solid wall.

How do I insulate a flat roof?

You need to insulate a flat roof. But where? And how? The answer is especially important if the room below generates high levels of humidity like a bathroom.

How do I insulate a floor?

How to insulate a floor, exploring options for both a wooden floor and concrete floor, showing you how to insulate under the floor or above a concrete slab, whilst minimising thermal bridging.

What makes the best glazing and windows for energy efficiency?

A guide to energy efficient windows.

What’s the best insulation material?

Celotex or Warmcel? Rockwool or sheep’s wool? A crucial must-read before installing any insulation.

Are heat pumps cost effective?

Are air and ground source heat pumps cost-effective? And what are they? This piece tells you how to evaluate if a system will work for you.

How to choose a green boiler

Gas condensing, combi, micro-CHP, wood pellet, or log burning? What type, size and fuel best fits your needs?

How to reclaim heat from an existing boiler

Gas boilers Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Devices

Can I get secondary glazing for windows like mine?

Can you get secondary glazing for windows like sash, casement, bay and leaded ones? Yes you can, and it’s cheaper than replacing windows with new double glazing units.

Do I need MHVR?

Do I need mechanical ventilation with heat recovery? MHVR takes the heat from the air leaving the building and passes it to incoming fresh air which is pumped to the ground floor. Will it help your building to save energy and money?

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