Energy and Transport (past group)

The Energy and Transport subgroup aimed to promote and enable sustainable energy use.  It has in recent years run events and workshops on fuel poverty, energy efficiency and the generation of renewable energy for community benefit.

The group actively supported the local Awel Aman Tawe, Gower Power and Carmarthenshire Energy co-operative community energy projects.

Need energy and fuel poverty advice?

The Resource Efficient Wales advice line  provides friendly impartial advice to improve the comfort of a building and reduce energy bills, from simple low cost improvements to installing renewable energy technology to provide electricity and heat.

It can also advise on funding, and finding accredited installers.

The service is for households, businesses, community buildings and the public sector.

Please call 0300 123 2020 to speak to an expert advisor. The centre is open Monday to Friday, 9-5pm. Or visit the website

Structure of this group

Transition Trawsnewid contracted David Thorpe, under the auspices of Renew Wales, to act as a mentor for the group.

Members of the subgroup operated also as representatives of Rural Development Plan, Menter Bro Dinefwr, Menter Cwm Gwendraeth, Environment Wales, Llandeilo Town Council, The Peoples Assembly of Llandeilo, and Carmarthenshire County Council.

Our aim was to reach out to as many groups in the area as possible to avoid duplicating activities and to maximise support.


The aims of the project were:

  • to promote energy efficiency to get people to reduce their energy use;
  • to get them to consider replacing the existing light bulbs with LEDs;
  • to get to look at quick wins for energy efficiency such as draught proofing;
  • to advise them on sources of finance, whether grants or cheap loans;
  • to point them to contractors in the area who might carry out more advanced measures;
  • to advise them on installing renewable energy, whether renewable heat or electricity.


  • It was thought that the best initial approach to members of the community should be an offer to help them reduce their energy bills, since this is a matter of paramount concern.
  • It was also thought that we should target significant businesses and individuals in the community, who are held in wide regard, who might stand as an example to others, to influence their behaviour
  • Candace Browne offered her house in town on Diana Road as an exemplar for some measures that others could implement themselves.
  • We would approach one of the major energy companies such as Centrica or EDF to ask them if they would like to prioritise Llandeilo for the Energy Company Obligation home energy efficiency improvement measures they legally have to carry out to be an exemplar town for Wales.
  • We would also seek a farm exemplar to appeal to the farming community. One farm was on the eco-homes network.
  • We would also approach Age Concern with an offer to present to them.

Paul Thomas from Menter Cwm Gwendraeth said that there was funding available for surveys on energy, food, transport and waste.

Download  minutes of the Energy subgroup meeting 29 March 2013

  • A programme of alternative energy generation has been started and we looked at the potential for hydro power. It was recognised that these would be relatively small schemes but it was intended that they should lead to larger, more diverse schemes, including biomass or energy from waste.
  • Being a largely rural, farming community we thought there was a higher than usual use of diesel powered vehicles in the area. The group raised the awareness of biodiesel and vegetable oil as alternatives and wanted to establish regular supplies of these fuels within the community.
  • In the longer term the group was keen to investigate the potential for a car club and electric or hydrogen fuelled cars – the aim being to reduce overall petrol fuelled vehicle use.


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