New Economics

As governments around the world struggle to deal with an unprecedented financial crisis and global recession, the danger is that action to reduce dependence on fossil fuel usage is driven down the priority list.

The New Economics Foundation’s Green New Deal proposals include financial regulation, windfall taxes on energy companies, and loans to companies investing in clean-energy infrastructure. Critics argue that this obscures the central role of the capitalist economy in precipitating an inter-related, multi-dimensional global upheaval, and diverts attention from transnational corporations’ power over governments gained during the last 40 years.

The New Economics group provides the opportunity to discuss, experiment with and exchange experiences of approaches to production, distribution and exchange that will better enable us to meet social needs.

Among the issues for consideration are co-operative ownership, community-based mutual funds, local currencies, credit unions, community land trusts, limited liability partnerships, social enterprise and intelligent markets.

Contact: Gerry Gold,

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