Skills and Technology

We are attempting to be useful by putting together a list of opportunities to share and acquire skills ranging from the simple things we can do for ourselves (and that our grandparents always used to be able to do!), to more specialist skills and even to start the process of acquiring a new (low-carbon!) craft or profession.

As a first step, we will place offered and wanted ads on this site and a list of resources that we have come across.
If you are able to offer tuition to local people in any skill, please let us know and, likewise, if there is anything you would like to know or learn to do, we’ll do our best to find someone, locally, who can help.

Contact: Pete Arnold,

Other organisations


Centre for Practical Sustainability, Natural Building and Wilderness Therapy.

Located on the Gower peninsula, they offer courses on cob building, timber-frame construction, dry-stone walling, green woodwork, natural renders and plasters and straw bale building. They are very keen on mixing ancient skills and modern technology. They also do a lot of work with ‘disaffected’ and ‘hard to reach’ groups (as well as providing training in such work).

All their hot water is solar generated as is their electricity.

Publications and Websites

The Sustainable Development Commission (archive site)


The website of Transition Tywi Trawsnewid, Carmarthenshire, Wales